Egg Hunt


The 2022 Rooster Days Egg Hunt will kick off
Monday, May 23rd.

A pre-Rooster Days event organized by the Rotary Club of Broken Arrow, a 501(c)3 corporation. This fun public contest has been sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce for many years and has a large number of followers, eagerly seeking each clue and bringing recognition to the businesses sponsoring the contest. HOW IS THE ROOSTER EGG FOUND?– Location of the hidden “Rooster Egg” will be gradually revealed by “clues” announced through the media, posted at clue sponsors’ social media and on the Rotary Club website:


A. No digging or climbing is needed.
B. The Egg is located on public access property.
C. New clues will be published daily (except Sunday) until the Egg is found.
D. When you find the Egg, contact the Rotary Club. Information for contacting the club is packaged with the egg.
E. When the Egg is found, it will be announced to the media and posted to social media and on the websites.


A. Clue announcements begin on Monday, May 23rd and continue daily at noon Monday-Saturday.
B. No clues on Sunday
C. Clues are posted at the following locations at noon
– Sponsor Social Media Pages – BA Rotary Facebook and Instagram Pages
– Rooster Days Facebook Page will share posts
– Broken Arrow Chamber Office-posted outside the front door at 210 N. Main / under Egg Hunt
– Egg Hunt Sponsor business locations or social media at 10am and 11 am.


The winner of the Rooster Egg Hunt will be awarded a cash prize. The check will be awarded on the Rooster Days stage Saturday, June 11th after the Rooster Day Parade.


The “Egg” is a hand-painted wooden egg and is packaged in a clear bag along with instructions to announce your find to the Egg Hunt Committee. Distinctive markings that identify the Egg as authentic will not be revealed in advance. When found, the Rooster Egg will join the display of previous Eggs at the Museum Broken Arrow.

THE “EGG MASTER” is appointed by the Rotary Club of Broken Arrow Rooster Egg Committee and has the sole responsibility for hiding the Egg and formulating the clues. The Rotary Club of Broken Arrow and Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce staff, board and families cannot win. Rooster Days Committee will not have advance access to the clues. The Egg Master is sworn to secrecy. The Rotary Club of Broken Arrow members, the Rooster Days Committee and their immediate families are not eligible for prizes.


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