2018 Rooster Days Egg Hunt

The Egg has been found! Check out the Rooster Days Facebook page to see who the lucky winner is and where the egg was found!

Clue #4 – 5/4/18

Playing here

For over 50 years

Near the water and land

The place is grand

Clue #3 – 5/3/18

Making music in BA

Is a tradition that will stay

Putting on a show

With Pride as we know

Clue #2 – 5/2/18

Have a snack or a meal

It is a great deal

It’s all in good Taste

Be sure to make haste

Clue #1 – 5/1/18

A Broken Arrow tradition

combined with the new.

Finding the egg is your Mission

Just pay attention to the clues!

The 2018 Rooster Days Egg Hunt will kick off Tuesday, May 1st!

2018 Rooster Days Egg Hunt – Information and Rules

What is the Rooster Egg Hunt?  A pre-Rooster Days event organized by the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce Rooster Days Committee.

HOW IS THE ROOSTER EGG FOUND?– Location of the hidden “Rooster Egg” will be gradually revealed by “clues” to be announced through the media, posted at clue outlets and on the Rooster Days website.


A.        No digging or climbing is needed.

B.       The Egg is located on public access property.

C.       New clues will be published daily (except Sunday) until the Egg is found.

D.      When you find the Egg, contact the Chamber office. Information for contacting the chamber is in the egg.

E.       The Egg being found will be announced to the media and posted to social media and on the websites.


A.       Announcements begin on Monday, April 30th and continue daily at 10:00am Monday-Saturday.

B.       No clues on Sunday

C.       Clues are posted at the following locations at 10:00am

– Sponsor Social Media Pages

– BA Chamber Facebook Page

– Rooster Days Facebook Page

– Broken Arrow Chamber Office-posted outside the front door at 210 N. Main

– www.RoosterDays.com / under Egg Hunt

PRIZES:  Part of participating as a clue outlet is providing a prize for the winner

A.        Each presenting sponsor will provide a prize valued at $250. 

Those participating in the Egg Hunt will be able to register for the prize at each location.  Winners will be drawn on Saturday, May 10th.

B.        The winner of the Rooster Egg Hunt will ride in the Rooster Days Parade and be awarded $1,000 in cash. The check will be awarded on Saturday, May 12th at the Rooster Days Festival immediately following the parade.

 DESCRIPTION OF THE EGG:  The “Egg” will be publicized as determined by the Rooster Days Committee of a written description of size, shape, etc.  Distinctive markings that identify the Egg as authentic will not be revealed.

THE “EGG MASTER” is appointed by the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and Rooster Days Committee and has the sole responsibility for hiding the Egg and formulating the clues.  The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and Rooster Days Committee will not have advance access to the clues.  The Egg Master is sworn to secrecy.  Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and employees, the Rooster Days Committee and their immediate families are not eligible for prizes.

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